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Where Do I Go From Here?

What's the story of your relationship with God so far? Where is God in your life?

Here are some ways you might continue in your journey.



...Life’s big questions about life, faith, & meaning with a group: Alpha, or an OCIA (Order of Christian Initiation for Adults) or Seeker ministry at a Catholic Church near you.  Just call the parish office and talk to a faith formation staff person.

Ask God for a sign


If you’re not sure what you believe about God, ask God if he’s real and watch for what he might bring to your attention this next week.  Share your experience with a friend who believes in God.

Sit in an empty Catholic church 


Many churches are open during the day.  Sit in the quiet and bring the concerns and questions you have in your heart.  You might even pray, “God, I’m open to the possibility of you being in my life. Show me what's next.”  (Catholics believe Jesus is sacramentally present in the Eucharist in the tabernacle.)

Connect with someone to ask a question or for prayer 

Read, watch, and/or listen:

  • Read a Gospel account of the life of Jesus from the Bible.

    • Mark is the shortest, least developed

    • Matthew is similar to Mark, but written specifically from a Jewish perspective

    • Luke is also similar, but written from a non-Jewish perspective

    • John is probably not the best to start with as it is the most spiritualized account

  • Read Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis (available as audiobook also)

  • Read Introduction to Christianity, by Josef Cardinal Ratzinger (available as audiobook also)

  • Watch The Search (video series featuring Chris Stefanick, produced by Augustine Institute.  Available on FORMED

    • Episode suggestions: What do you seek?, Who are you?, Why a God?,  What’s our story?,  Who is Jesus?, Am I saved?, Why a Church?

  • Watch the Alpha videos

    • Episode suggestions: Is there more to life than this?, Who is Jesus?, Why did Jesus die?, How can I have faith?, How and why should I pray?, How does God guide us?

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